OHL Erie Otters | Erie Insurance Arena

OHL Erie Otters | Erie Insurance Arena

August 14, 2017 0 By Rachel Anderson

Erie, Pennsylvania

When watching a sport, not many people venture too far beyond their momentary reaction to the game. Not many people venture to think of the back-story of the athletes. Very few actually consider the development or sacrifice involved with their chosen sport. Grueling travel, training hours and time away from family play a large role in any sport, especially junior hockey. Host cities have gone through great lengths to provide these young athletes with facilities that meet their needs.

Amid the streets where homes seem trapped in time and industrial buildings are long-abandon, lies the Erie Insurance Arena. The arena is a stunning portrayal of OHL splendor sprawling 218,000 square feet. This is where the OHL’s Lake Erie Otters call home and where some of the brightest stars in the NHL made their names like McDavid and Red Wing’s prospect, Jordan Sambrook.

Worth Every Penny

Erie Otters - DRW Prospect - Jordan Sambrook

Jordan Sambrook – Detroit Red Wings Development Camp 2017 – Center Ice Arena, Traverse City, MI

The 42+ million dollar renovations of the Erie Insurance Arena were a long-term investment into the development of the OHL. From the center ice vantage point, the enormity of the facility is overwhelming. Boasting luxury suites, newly painted locker rooms, and an extended concourse, the arena does a commendable job of keeping the fans engaged and the players inspired.

Under-rated and all too often not given the credit it deserves, junior and minor league hockey lays the foundation for the skill-set and development for the future generations of hockey. Arenas like Erie, are doing their part in giving the players a place to establish their athletic reputations and to give back to the players that have given so much and the fans that make it possible.