Mikael Hakkarainen | Lumberjacks Powerhouse Forward

Mikael Hakkarainen | Lumberjacks Powerhouse Forward

October 17, 2017 2 By Rachel Anderson

Far from Finland

Entering his third season in the United States, Mikael Hakkarainen is looking forward to getting his skates back under him. Hailing from Finland, Hakks has adjusted to the faster pace of US hockey and is looking forward to proving himself as a valuable asset to his team.

No Off-Season

Expressing slight disappointment in regards to his previous season, Hakkarainen made it his mission to improve all that ailed him. “The first year I came, I had big expectations for the season, but I started really slow. I try to work on my lateral skating, cut backs and try to protect the puck more this year,” explains Hakks. Over the summer, Hakkarainen has been working tirelessly. Hakkarainen seems happy with the results, “I don’t know if the pace is slower than last year, but it feels like it when you develop your skating and strength.”

Active Recovery

Taking a mandatory break due to a concussion received early in the season, Hakks is shifting his focus to recovery. Anxious to get back on the ice with his team, the same drive that motivated him in the off-season is ever present in the young forward’s injury recovery. Though his injury is day-to-day, mentally he’s ready to get back on the ice now. Hoping to rejoin his team this weekend, Hakkarainen is keeping as conditioned as his concussive symptoms will allow.

Getting Hakks Back

Once recovered the Finnish native is ready to skate alongside his team for a chance at the cup. Hakkarainen is upholding a humble yet realistic approach to the season, “This year, I want to win the cup. Its not a great start we have here, but it’d be nice to get some wins here. From my own perspective, I hope to get ready to play now, help the team win games. I don’t want to think of the points though, those will come. You gotta think of the team first, the points will come after that.”

Hakkarainen, like so many young hockey players, dream of making it to the NHL. Traveling great lengths and sacrificing many of the comforts afforded to “normal” youngsters, Hakks is continually working alongside his teammates to enjoy where he’s at in his career and working towards where he wants to be.