Buffalo Sabres Draft Pick Matej Pekar Returning to Muskegon

Buffalo Sabres Draft Pick Matej Pekar Returning to Muskegon

July 30, 2018 3 By Rachel Anderson

Thankfully for many Muskegon fans, after being robbed of their top talent during the 2018 Entry Draft, one will yet be returning to finish development. Matej Pekar was selected #94th overall by the Buffalo Sabres. Being on the shorter side, Pekar made an impression instantly at camp. Sparking an enormous fan following and even stealing the limelight from Dahlin. Just a bit. Access Hockey MI chatted with Matej about his development camp and upcoming season goals.

Pekar charms at sabres camp

Pekar, though much smaller than Dahlin, made an enormous impact during Sabres Development Camp. During a friendly

Matej Pekar, Lumberjacks

Matej Pekar rushes to the puck during a Muskegon Lumberjacks home game at the LC Walker Arena

scrimmage, Dahlin leveled Pekar. The next scrimmage, however, he returned the favor by sending Dahlin to the ice. Sparking quite a fuss following his hard-hitting check, Matej has quickly become a favorite in Buffalo. Meeting the expectations of existing Lumberjacks fans, Matej charmed the Buffalo fans.

I spoke briefly with Pekar about his goals in returning to Muskegon, “I want to try to learn how to become a dominant player that can help (the) team in every single situation and off and on the ice as well,” he stated. On top of hopefully bringing his team to a championship next season, Matej will be focusing mainly on his personal game, “I’d like to get better at areas that I think I struggled at last season, like strength, being calm in certain situations on the ice, and game stuff like scoring goals and penalty kill.”

ncaa on hold for now

Lumberjacks Head Coach, Mike Hamilton, confirmed that the Sabres pick would be returning to Muskegon. Hamilton, entering his first year as Head Coach, is thrilled to get the Czech-sniper back in his core lineup. Pekar was second only to Jack Hughes for highest points among USHL rookies last season. Spending the vast majority of his time with the top leaders, Matej quickly became one of the go-to utility guys on the ice.

Pekar is committed to Miami University but has halted his NCAA plans to further his USHL development. Muskegon will be embracing 12 returning skaters from last season. Along with Matej, the Lumberjacks are poised to have a solid leadership group. Matej will likely be entrusted with a great deal of ice time as well as an almost guaranteed.

Though Pekar knows there’s work to be done, there’s no other place that would welcome him back more. With camp set to begin September 4th officially, Matej will have his chance at a USHL title.