Anthony & Marc Del Gaizo Ready for 2018-19 with UMass-Amherst

Anthony & Marc Del Gaizo Ready for 2018-19 with UMass-Amherst

September 21, 2018 0 By Rachel Anderson

Former Muskegon Lumberjacks, Marc and Anthony Del Gaizo, will officially be taking the ice for the UMass-Amherst Minute Men. The brothers dominated the USHL during 2017-18. Anthony finished his final season as Captain with 72 points in 60 games. Leading his team to the playoffs, Del Gaizo wrapped up a legacy with style. His brother Marc, similarly, had an incredible season. As a defenseman, he finished with 38 points in 59 games. Transitioning from the USHL to the East Coast Hockey League is no small feet.

del gaizos ready for ncaa after shoulder injury

Though having a dream season, Anthony is taking the steps to prepare for the next phase of his career. Suffering a shoulder injuryfight, marc del gaizo, ushl, junior hockey, muskegon lumberjacks, lumberjacks hockey while in Muskegon, Del Gaizo has been focusing on recovery this summer. Anthony told Access Hockey MI, “I am currently recovering from a shoulder surgery that I had immediately after the season.” Taking the ice night after night, Anthony gave no indication¬†of his internal struggle. Perhaps not thinking of himself as a leader before, Del Gaizo continues to lead by example, even when the season is over. “I battled that injury for the second half of last year,” he said, “Right now I am working on getting cleared and getting my body ready for the first game. That will be my biggest challenge.”

Coming off of injury and preparing for a new kind of opponent, Del Gaizo is doing what he’s always done – get to work. “I am preparing for my first college season the same way as my other seasons,” Anthony said. Becoming a dependable player is second nature to both Del Gaizo boys. Anthony¬†continues to embody the work ethic that drove his junior career, “I just want to be a guy that can be reliable every night and contribute when needed.”

“It starts with being a responsible player”

muskegon lumberjacks, lumberjacks hockey, ushl, junior hocky, anthony del gaizoDel Gaizo was pleasantly surprised with his success in the USHL. “There is no way I expected to have the season I had last year,” he told Access Hockey MI. The success that follows Anthony into the college realm is something Anthony doesn’t take for granted. He and Marc fully understand that being successful in hockey “…starts with being a responsible player.”

The Del Gaizo brothers have left a legacy in Muskegon. Coming into the USHL feeling a bit behind, both brothers excelled. Going forward into the next four years, Anthony is ready for the challenges that lie ahead. “I have always been an underdog everywhere I have been and look forward to proving myself at another level,” he said. Marc and Anthony had more than proved themselves with the Lumberjacks and will continue to do so.

Del Gaizo brothers & bobby kaiser to umass

Releasing the official roster, three former Lumberjacks will be taking the ice for UMass-Amherst. Along with the brothers, Bobby Kaiser will also be skating with his former USHL teammates. All three play the East Coast style and will become household names in no time.