Brandon Bussi Reacts to USHL Goaltender of the Week Nomination

Brandon Bussi Reacts to USHL Goaltender of the Week Nomination

October 10, 2018 2 By Rachel Anderson

Recently added Muskegon Lumberjacks goaltender, Brandon Bussi, has been named the USHL’s goaltender of the week. Starting the season injured, Keegan Karki, Muskegon’s usual starter, has made way for Bussi.

Brandon Bussi Adjusting to Muskegon Lumberjacks

Bussi has adjusted well to his new teammates, which shows. Speaking with Brandon after his nomination, he explained to Access Hockey MI just how he was able to get the season started off on such a successful note. “It’s having confidence and having a high compete level…the combination of working hard in practice and having the team believe in you…(that) made it easy to play in the games this weekend.”

At 20 years old, Brandon is getting close to being too old for the USHL. Spending what will likely be his last year, with Muskegon is a good opportunity for Bussi. After such a successful 2017-18 season for Muskegon, which resulted in four skaters making the NHL Draft, Brandon is in the right place for exposure. The Muskegon culture is a winning one, which fosters elite development and skill. This is something Bussi is looking forward to being a part of, “…our team takes so much pride in playing well defensively it makes it easy to feel comfortable.” The brotherhood that envelopes the Lumberjacks team in the locker room and on the ice encourages growth, which Bussi is learning first-hand. “You can always work on something. I’m continuing to work on getting faster and get better at all areas of my game,” Brandon stated in an interview.

Bussi Gives Credit for Success to Teammates

Brandon Bussi, CJ Regula, USHL, Preaseason, Muskegon Lumberjacks, Lumberjacks
Brandon Bussi tends the net during a preseason home game with teammate, CJ Regula, for the Muskegon Lumberjacks.

Getting better is what Muskegon is good at. Finishing the preseason with a disappointing loss to Team USA u18 for the second straight season, the Lumberjacks have sailed through the first few games of the regular season. Coming into Saturday’s home game, the Lumberjacks are 4-0-0. Under the guidance of Coach Mike Hamilton, the culture of the Lumberjacks is entirely team-focused. “We have a team-first mentality,” Bussi said, “Our coaches have implemented that since day one of training camp and our team has gained a winning swagger that has lead to our early success this season.” Having the winning culture and faith in his coaches and teammates enables Brandon to confidently take the net each night.

Brandon’s season is off to a good start. Brandon told Access Hockey MI that his teammates have much to do with any praise of his skill, “I was fortunate the Lumberjacks gave me an opportunity. You work so hard to try and play in the USHL, its the top junior hockey league in the world,” he said, “I was more honored for the opportunity than I was surprised.”

Following the nomination, Brandon will remain the starter for the Lumberjacks while Karki is on the mend. With his fellow teammates in front of him and the reassurance of his place in the USHL, Bussi will have no qualms maintaining the net. Between Karki and Bussi, the Lumberjacks have the promise of a very successful season.