Jack Hughes & Team USA u18 Face the Undefeated Lumberjacks

Jack Hughes & Team USA u18 Face the Undefeated Lumberjacks

October 27, 2018 1 By Rachel Anderson

The Muskegon Lumberjacks are off to an unprecedented 8-0-0 start their season. Looking to extend their winning streak to nine games, Muskegon will host Team USAu18 tonight on home ice. Having lost to the u18’s in the final game of the preseason, the Lumberjacks welcome Jack Hughes and his cohorts back to LC Walker for a rematch.

The Lumberjacks lineup is not focusing on the franchise record, however. Despite their mounting success, all are simply going to “play their game.” According to Matt Staudacher, the record is cool, but their focus is each other – the team.

Muskegon will be without Jagger Joshua, who is recovering from an injury, but should be back in the lineup shortly. Newly acquired Igor Larionov is also set to be a scratch. Having sustained an injury of his own, he has yet to skate with his new team.

Along with their superstars, Mikael Hakkarainen and Egor Afanasyev, several guys are finding their way to the scoresheet. Youngsters like Alex Gaffney and Cam Knuble learning their way around the ice.

Under the leadership of head coach Mike Hamilton and assistant coach, Josh Nelson, the Lumberjacks are making records to break them. Every one of them will tell you it’s for the team, not for themselves. The leadership in the locker room has translated onto the ice. The comradery of the skaters is unmistakable and is sure to make tonight’s rematch, a showdown to remember.

Brandon Bussi will likely get the start tonight.