Access Hockey MI is a Grand Rapids based site made of some ladies that have a passion for the game of hockey and a desire to bring light to the minor leagues, players and their stories. Hockey gives us an excuse to travel, go to far too many hockey games (if there ever were such a thing) and connect with some of the coolest unsung heroes of the game.

Meet the Crew!

Rachel Anderson – Writer and Editor

Access Hockey writer, yours truly, Rachel Anderson. My primary role is writer, editor and occasional photographer (I leave that to Jenae for the most part). My focus is game reviews, player reviews and assorted events around the league.

My passions include coffee, a bunny named Olaf Kolzig and working alongside my sister and best friend to pursue our love of the game of hockey!



Jenae Anderson – Writer and Photographer

Jenae is Access Hockey’s own photographer and player analyst. With an eye for talent and inspired words, she is our favorite guest writer, travel companion and even photographer. Chances are, any moving piece or masterfully done photo was her genius.

Jenae has mastered the art of capturing the snow, flying pucks and toothless grins. She is the wizard of the lens and with a brilliant eye for spotting talent!