About Us

About Us

Access Hockey MI is a Grand Rapids-based site made of some folks that have a passion for the game of hockey and a desire to bring light to the minor leagues, players and their stories. Hockey gives us an excuse to travel, go to far too many hockey games (if there ever were such a thing) and connect with some of the coolest unsung heroes of the game.

We love every part of the game and want to bring that love to the masses. Be sure to give all of our people a follow on social media!

Meet the Crew!

Rachel Anderson – Lead Writer & Editor

Rachel Anderson, Access Hockey MIAccess Hockey writer, yours truly, Rachel Anderson. My primary role is the lead writer, editor and occasional photographer (I leave that to Jenae for the most part). I aim to uncover the story behind each player whether they’re 16 or 36. No matter the league or level, I want to know what drives them and makes this game so special to them.

My passions include coffee, a bunny named Olaf Kolzig and working alongside my sister and best friend to pursue our love of the game of hockey!


Jenae Anderson – Photographer & Videographer

Access Hockey MI

Jenae Anderson – Access Hockey MI Lead Photographer

Jenae is Access Hockey’s own photographer and videographer. With an eye for talent and inspired words, she is our favorite guest writer, travel companion and even photographer. Chances are, any moving piece or masterfully done photo was her genius.

Often perched between the benches or against the glass, Jenae will do just about anything to get the winning shot! Check out galleries to see her incredible work!

Jenae has mastered the art of capturing the snow, flying pucks and toothless grins. She is the wizard of the lens and with a brilliant eye for spotting talent! Jenae is also the woman behind the video camera for all of our player interviews! She makes feel comfortable, directs like a champ and knows just what to do to make the athletes act natural.

She’s passionate about the good Lord, coffee, chocolate of any kind, and family!

Brandon Share-Cohen – USHL Contributor

Brandon Share-Cohen, Access Hockey MI

Brandon is your quintessential Canadian with a love for hockey! He’s a lead writer and columnist for the nationally-known publication called The Hockey Writers.  He has a vast knowledge of the game as well as a passion that rivals just about everyone. He also rocks the hockey flow pretty well.

Brandon is part of our Hockey Untaped series, which delves into the behind the scenes of the people in media in the hockey world. He’s also our weekly USHL news and player of the week columnist.

While most are dreaming of the NHL, Brandon wants to help wherever he can to raise awareness to the junior leagues, just like the rest of us!

Kyle Kelly – ECHL/Toledo Walleye Contributor

Kyle Kelly, Access Hockey MIKyle is an avid Toledo Walleye fan and columnist in the making! As a native of Ohio and Brown University student, Kyle has a deeply rooted passion for Ohio sports and their growth. Spending much of his time covering football, we’re excited to have Kyle on our team to help our developing players in Toledo!

Having several seasons of experience under his belt at a young age, the passion Kyle has is unmistakable.